I filmed Nick & Michaela's wedding a couple of Autumns ago. These two were something else: they met and started dating in MIDDLE SCHOOL and had been madly in love ever since. The first time I met with Michaela, we got coffee one night at Cafe Ventana. She told me about all the bohemian, romantic plans they had for their wedding. Sparklers, a naked cake, a custom-made wedding dress, and a flower crown. I was in love! (For a sneaky peek at Nick & Michaela's Wedding Film, click here


So, I was absolutely delighted when Michaela contacted me in March about capturing another family moment! She and Nick had been struggling with infertility, but had started an IVF treatment a few months ago. She was hoping it would be successful in April. 

"If it works, I want to surprise Nick, and I want you to film it!" Michaela shared with me. I was onboard! Surprises are some of my favorite things in the world, and I was excited to capture these happy memories for Nick & Michaela!  So, April rolls around, and I get a delightful message from Michaela: "It worked! We're on!" 

I was stoked! So, one rainy afternoon near the end of April, I made my way to Nick & Michaela's house. We had planned to do the shoot at Thornhill Mansion where Nick & Michaela got married, but thunderstorms and buckets of rain shooed us indoors. However, the setting was perfect. Nick & Michaela's home is picturesque, and it would be these walls that would soon be ringing with the joyful giggles of their children. This is where we were meant to be! 

I was filming and Savanna of Harper & Brother's Images was taking photographs! We had a whole set-up for Nick to come home to and find out the news. Watch Nick & Michaela's video below to see the set-up we created! 

I love Nick's reaction! He couldn't believe it and practically went into shock! Once he recovered, he couldn't stop smiling! I know these two are going to make wonderful parents, and their little girls (twin girls! Can you believe it?!) will make one beautiful family! 

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